Modern Technology

The FBOProps Mobile App and Partner Portal were designed and developed in parallel, with the latest technology to ensure a seamless experience.

We spent 2 years working with FBO’s and Aviation Enthusiasts across the country to understand the gaps in current aviation applications and what would be most helpful to deliver a more informative aviation experience.

Increase Revenue

FBOProps enables FBO and Airport operators to easily publish Events and News which automatically reflects in the FBOProps Mobile App based on the user’s geographic location.

This is unique to all other applications which are commonly used by operators and creates an unprecedented opportunity to lure folks to your location which will help drive revenue.

Add Events and News

  • Keep pilots engaged and informed by updating them on upcoming events hosted at your FBO. Whether it’s a seminar, training session, or social gathering, showcasing these events can attract pilots and enhance their experience at your facility.
  • Engage pilots with relevant and useful information through regular news updates. Share industry trends, aviation news, and any updates or improvements to your FBO’s facilities or services. By providing valuable content, you can build a loyal community of pilots who rely on your FBO for more than just fuel and services.
  • Users can effortlessly share interesting Events or News articles to their social profiles which exponentially increases visibility.
  • Another aviation 1st – Easily comment on user reviews to help drive customer loyalty.

Showcase Services

  • Highlight the range of services your FBO offers to pilots. From aircraft handling and ground support to passenger amenities and concierge services, emphasize the value you bring to pilots and their aircraft.
  • Help pilots make informed decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date fuel information. Share details about the types of fuel available, pricing, payment options, and any loyalty programs or discounts you offer.

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  • Take control of your facility’s online presence – Reach a wider audience of aviation enthusiasts, enhance their travel experiences, and increase your revenue opportunity. Don’t miss out because folks don’t know what your facility has to offer.

Monthly Plan per Facility

$65/ per Month (Billed Monthly)

*3 months free

Yearly Plan per Facility

$55/ per Month (Billed Annually)

*3 months free


Our mission is to be the most trustworthy aviation guide and provide helpful information about FBOs and airport services through a modern, easy to use crowdsourced platform.

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